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SLARToolkit is a flexible Augmented Reality library for Silverlight and Windows Phone with the aim to make real time Augmented Reality applications with Silverlight as easy and fast as possible. It can be used with Silverlight's Webcam API or with any other CaptureSource, WriteableBitmap or with the Windows Phone's PhotoCamera. SLARTookit is based on the established NyARToolkit and ARToolkit. SLARToolkit uses a dual license model and could be used for open or closed source applications under certain conditions. See the License page for details.

SLARToolkit_SL5_Sample_Sun.Earth.Moon_192x192.jpg SLARToolkit_WP_Mango_Sample_TextBox_Overlay_192x192.jpg SLARToolkit_external_StarFighter_192x192.jpg
SLARToolkit_Sample_RoundedCube_EnvMapped.jpg SLARToolkit_Sample_Teapot_DynamicWebcam_EnvMapped.jpg SLARToolkitSample.jpg
SLARToolkit_Sample_Textbox.jpg SLARToolkit_Sample_Puzzle.jpg SLARToolkit_Sample_iPhone.jpg


Live samples and videos

There are four samples available; one uses Silverlight's 3D projection capabilities, another one SL5's 3D rendering, the other the 3D game engine Balder and there's a Windows Phone sample. The samples are part of the source code repository, but not included in the binary release.
A webcam and at least the Silverlight 4 runtime must be installed to run the samples. It's available for Windows and Mac. Alternatively there are also videos of the samples in action linked below.
The SLAR and / or L marker should be printed non-scaled at the original size (80 x 80 mm) and centered for a small white border. As an alternative it's also possible to open a marker file on a mobile device and to use the device's screen as marker. See the Markers documentation for details. Then hold the printed marker in front of the camera and move it around. Make sure the camera is set up properly and the scene is illuminated well without hard shadows.

Silverlight 5 3D Sample
At least the Silverlight 5 runtime must be installed to run this sample.
Open the sample and press the "Start Fun" Button or watch the video.
See this blog post for details.

Silverlight 5 3D Balder Sample
At least the Silverlight 5 runtime must be installed to run this sample.
Open the sample and press the "Start Cam" Button or watch the video.
See this blog post for details.

Windows Phone Sample
Watch the video and read this blog post for details.
A very good Channel 9 article and talk about SLARToolkit for Windows Phone.

Silverlight Projection Sample
Open the sample and press the "Start Fun" Button or watch the video.
See this blog post for details.

Balder Sample
Open the sample and press the "Start Fun" Button or watch the video.
See this blog post for details.

SLARToolkit combined with ESRI's GIS API: Augmented Reality and ESRI’s ArcGIS API for Silverlight
A design diploma project by Thilo Schulz that uses SLARToolkit under the hood: Raumnutzung 2020
Thomas Foskolos and his team from the University of Southern Denmark made a nice puzzle game with SLARToolkit. Play it | Demo video
Ioulian Alexeev made this very amazing game using the Unity 3D game engine and he combined it with SLARToolkit to control the starfighter. Play it | Demo video
YVision implemented a physics demo with SLARToolkit. Blog post with demo
A blog post demonstrating how to use SLARToolkit in combination with XNA for Windows Phone 7.

Easy to use

// Load marker and initialize detector with the a CaptureSource instance
var markerSlar = Marker.LoadFromResource("data/Marker_SLAR_16x16segments_80width.pat", 16, 16, 80.0);
ArDetector = new CaptureSourceMarkerDetector(captureSource, 1, 4000, new List<Marker>{ markerSlar });

// Detection event
ArDetector.MarkersDetected += (s, e) =>
   var detectedResults = e.DetectionResults;
See the Beginner's Guide for an easy step by step tutorial.

Additional Information

SLARToolkit - Silverlight Augmented Reality Toolkit announced this project and included the Silverlight 3D projection sample.
World# - Real Time 3D Augmented Reality with Silverlight provided the first Balder 3D sample.
Many more SLARToolkit blog posts

Public attention

.Net Rocks!, the largest .Net developer podcast made an interview: Rene Schulte on Augmented Reality in SL4, one of the most widely read and respected technology blogs in the world: Now Silverlight Does Augmented Reality Too. The Portuguese version of the article at ReadWriteWeb Brazil.
Channel 9, Microsoft's community site has chosen SLARToolkit as pick of the week. Video at 17:45: TWC9: MIX10, Tweevo, Silverlight Augmented Reality, testing
Channel 10 has also published an article: Augmented Reality Comes to Silverlight, the largest German IT news site: Augmented Reality mit Silverlight 4, one of the biggest news blogs about computer graphics and visualization: SLARToolkit – Silverlight Augmented Reality Toolkit, the news site of Germany's largest .Net magazine: SLAR Toolkit auf CodePlex verfügbar, the news site of Germany's .Net magazine with the widest circulation: SLARToolkit für Silverlight

SLARToolkit is listed as one of 15 Silverlight tools and libraries at Project Rosetta's download site

Silverlight progam manager Tim Heuer showed a SLARToolkit demo during a keynote at an internal Dell event.
SLARToolkit was featured as one of the highlights during the .Net Rock Roadtrip.
Silverlight MVP Einar Ingebrigtsen showed a new Silverlight 5 SLARToolkit sample during his Silverlight talk at The Gathering.
MVP Julien Dollon showed a preview of the SLARToolkit sample during his Silverlight 4 talk at Microsoft TechDays 2010 in Paris. Julien recorded a video of the session. The SLARToolkit demo starts at 39:02.
The Microsoft Developer Evangelist Dariusz Parys used a preview of the SLARToolkit sample in his Silverlight 4 talk at the BASTA! Spring 2010 conference in Darmstadt. He also blogged about it: Silverlight Augmented Reality Toolkit – René Rocks!.



René Schulte coder and coordinator of this project.
YDreams contributed an adaptive thresholding algorithm.

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