SLARToolkit with Windows Phone 8.1


I have tried to use SLARToolkit with Windows Phone Apps(8.1), so instead CaptureSource class I have used MediaCapture class:
MediaCapture captureSource;

But after initializing CaptureSourceMarkerDetector class:
arDetector = new CaptureSourceMarkerDetector();

and loading the marker pattern:
var marker = Marker.LoadFromResource(....);

starting to detect the marker gives me an error:
arDetector.Initialize(captureSource, 1, 4000, marker);

captureSource argument is the problem, so I wish to know if SLARToolkit can be used with Windows Phone 8.1 Apps.
Closed Oct 12 at 1:44 PM by teichgraf
The best would be to use the ARToolKit v5 SDK at this point and fork it. It is using MediaCapture AFAIK for the WinRT 8.1 support.